Important Insight

Describe in a short paragraph the single most important insight or understanding that has come to you from your study of literature this week: Oz Lit, 19th C, or Shakespeare. If you can, say also, why your personal history has led you to this insight or understanding. Enjoy the challenge!

Studying Literature thus far has deepened my understanding of the way certain authors use their language to express their life experiences. The single most important insight, that I have personally discovered throughout the journey of reading That Deadman Dance, by Kim Scott and other Australian literature poems and stories, would be how well they express their connection they have with the land through their use of imagery. For me, personally, I really enjoyed having my mind’s eye open up through the use of imagery to understand their connection to the land. Their choice of words and images combined to portray their view of the land and their love for how it has shaped them has lead me to a deeper understanding of the belief that they are who they are because of the land.

I believe that I was lead to have this particular interest and admiration for the way they express their love for the land as we live in a country that represents freedom and a love for our people. You see it all the time, a stranger can become your best friend on a day such as Australia day – we connect, through experience and common factors. And this connection we have with people is what drew me in to appreciating the love that Aboriginal people have with their land.

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Peer Review:

I love the way in which Brittney has pulled a part and analysed little by little the text, That Deadman Dance, to really express the theme of connection or lack there of. She explains how everything has a soul and a meaning, yet one is earning for connection with their land. i love the way in which she has challenged reader to ask the question as to why there is a lack of connection when it should come so naturally, without actually asking the question. the way in which she composes a piece of her heart into describing how she understands the theme of disconnection through leave places is appreciate, however, more insight to this would allow a deeper connection with her readers but overall her insight is inspiring, eye-opening and enjoyable to read.


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