Blog two: Experience of Tragedy

What is the one most important idea or experience that you have discovered in the writings of indigenous authors (other than Kim Scott) or in the writings of authors about the indigenous experience

The pain of loss, disconnection, change, disrespect and heartbreak are beautifully communicated through the use of poetic language in the poem, We are Going, written by Oodegeroo Noonuccal. It is very rare to find a piece of writing, whether a story, document or poem based on the experience that the Indigenous Australians went through without feeling an empathic response toward the people. This poem, communicates a sense of deep connection with the land through the use of personifying the land – to themselves. that is, “we are the corroboree and the bora ground… the bora ring is gone… the corroboree is gone”, saying that they are the corroboree and the bora ground shows how they are one with the land. and now that is gone, so are they.

Through reading this poem, i believe the greatest experience can be a tragedy – to lose ones self because the physical land remains but the spiritual connection does not. They way in which the author has written with a soft tone allows the ready to feel empathic toward Indigenous Inhabitants of the land, allowing a deeper understanding of what they went through and that some are still going through. Although i believe that we, in today’s day and age can never truly understand their specific pain of losing themselves, we can come closer with poem written as elegantly as this one.




4 thoughts on “Blog two: Experience of Tragedy

  1. I agree that this poem really does hit the reader in the heart. The repetitive use of the word “gone” in the final lines painfully illustrates the relentless ruin experienced by our indigenous people. The final line “and we are going” emphasizes the heartbreaking sensation of an inevitable loss of a magnificent culture.


  2. Annabelle, the descriptive and sensory language that you have used enhanced my overall view of the poem. You have individualised in a way, another perspective, in which you souly focused on “The pain of loss, disconnection, change, disrespect and heartbreak.”

    These themes effectively communicate one’s struggle and how that struggle affected you in another way. Only one negative was that you wrote what I assume should be “the reader” as “the ready.” However, everyone makes mistakes and overall I feel like you have communicated perfectly ways in which Oodegeroo Noonuccal thought of his themes.


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