Peer Review: three

I found Victoria’s blog based on her visit to the art gallery very enjoyable and easy to read. Her use of comparing two different artworks and commenting on the meaning of both really helped me to understand the intent from which she was writing, that is, I got two perspectives from her which made her point clear and evident. Her use of comparison was very appreciated as it provided me with insight and helped me to understand where she, as the author, was coming from.

The only thing I would comment on for improvement would be to go into more depth with how these paintings relate to the concept of European Settlement. I was thoroughly enjoying what she wrote about what she had noticed. She commented on aspects of the painting that wouldn’t even strike my eye – yet she was able to write a detailed overview of her interpretation of its meaning. However, writing this more in detail would be appreciated, as I didn’t want to stop reading her insight.

Overall, a very enjoyed post and I am looking forward to the insight and wisdom in upcoming blogs.


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