Peer Reviews 6

I always enjoy reading your blogs. I enjoy your creative side and how you think outside of the box. And I admire how you can read an opaque poem, understand it thoroughly and then create a similar poem, with a different writing style. I think you have mastered the art of looking at apiece of writing and interpreting it into your own ideas without falling into the trap of plagiarism – which I think can be very easily done when writing a poem about a poem. In stanza one, you have an understandable rhyming scheme of AABB, which worked along with your content. From the first stanza alone, I already receive the same feelings as I di reading the entire poem of End of the Picnic. So well done! This is a well-constructed poem with effective results. A photo along with your blog would be another thing to add but other than that your blog, as always, was very enjoyable to read.


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