Peer Review 8

Hey, Sarah!
That was so mind-blowing to read. You have conveyed the same message through the use of different words which reveals your deep understanding of the poem. You have such a creative touch when it comes to conveying meaning through words. I particularly loved the line, “Now it must fill our greed, our house, our materialistic lives”. The way you compared this to money feeding our stomachs communicated, what I believe, to be the same intent of the original author.
The heart of the author was completed captured in your line, “when was the last time you worked for a passion, not a salary?”. This is the whole theme of the poem and you have done an excellent job in recreating the idea yet being original. I loved Les Murray’s poem to the point where it didn’t feel like an assignment, rather a hobby, and your poem made me feel the same way.
Keep up the great work 🙂




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