W3 Deeper Meaning over Time.

Describe an experience in your own life where you seem to have touched something much deeper than your ordinary everyday experience.

Dandelion (Taraxacum) in the wind



Semester two of my Literature experience has commenced and assignments and assessments are well and truly pouring in. As my next stage of blogging has started for week three I am struck by the question that I have chosen to write about, that is, to describe an experience in my own life that has brought about a meaning, deeper that what I consider the norm.

Initially, reading this question led to no thought about a specific experience; I tried focusing on myself when I was of younger age to engage myself within the mindset of a 10-year-ago version of me. One situation that did come across my mind was the awe in seeing a dandelion flower for the first time. I remember the younger version of myself being fascinated at how the softest pressure of breath removed all of the petals from the stem and the light weight of the individual petals were able to be carried and lifted by the wind. At the time, all it was for me was a fun activity to do in my backyard. But after having aged over half of the lifetime I had lived then, I see the plant itself as a way of life. That is, if something contained in one spot can be so moved and lifted by its environment, why can’t humans be the same?

When I blew on the dandelion, it did not fight to remain in its shape, it simply let go of its natural structure and willingly went along with the next stage. I think about today’s day and age; how people live, respond, react, engage with one another and think of themselves. For me, I wonder what point in my life I started to hold on to offence, bitterness and regret and I think about what I can do to get me back to the natural state of the dandelion; that is, to take each day at a time, not to fight against what is happening, but to go along with life and all it’s pleasures, not to be so caught up in technology, but to experience the bliss and relaxation of nature for what is it. I understand there are some situations and misfortunes worth fighting for so you don’t get drifted away, so this experience more so focuses on life changes; starting high school, a first relationship, a broken heart, your first failed assignment, basically anything that can happen on a daily basis that has some effect over our emotions. And I think the human race should be at a place of the dandelion, where whatever pushes us a little further or a little harder, we take on the challenge willingly and accept our new destination.


3 thoughts on “W3 Deeper Meaning over Time.

  1. Wow. As this is the first blog that I’ve read other than my own, I cannot believe what i have just read. The entire blog focuses on an outer perspective and comparing a dandelion to the human experience. I comprehended your blog to be a fantastically formed metaphor of what life throws at individuals and shapes them to how they are today. I particularly loved the sentence “…how the softest pressure of breath removed all of the petals from the stem and the light weight of the individual petals were able to be carried and lifted by the wind.”. Overall you’ve done an incredible job, I was moved by the smallest of experiences.


  2. This is a truly beautiful and poetic memory Annabelle. I feel very attuned to what you are saying. As children we have a much deeper appreciation of things around us. You have found a way here that takes you back to that kind of experience and you have expressed it as something that you can learn from now. What a wonderful piece of writing!
    “I think the human race should be at a place of the dandelion”- This could be the title of a book of poems- containing some real wisdom!


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