W4 Peer Review 1


I love that you have an eye for technique. In all of the blogs of yours that I have read, including this one, you have never failed to show your own creativity by analysing the author’s. I am inspired to your eye to detail and your patience to discuss the various word techniques used and their individual meanings. For me, analysing techniques can be a lengthy process; very time-consuming and quite exhausting, but you write as if it were second nature. I love that you then took this blog a step further by question WHY the author took this approach. That shows your intent and purpose behind the words that you write.
It was also effective that you asked yourself and the reader this question AFTER you posted the photo, as it provided a nice mental break from reading to allow comfort as well as emphasis on the question.
Once again, i admire your eye for detail, thanks for the read!

Belle 🙂



One thought on “W4 Peer Review 1

  1. Another excellent peer review Annabelle- overall your blog so far is OUTSTANDING! I can see that you are enjoying the process and finding deep meaning through doing this task. Thank you for taking the effort!


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