W7 Picasso

I always struggle to find the meaning in Picasso paintings. They look overwhelming and chaotic to the eye, so this week, I have decided to make my own blog topic to challenge myself. The painting, Nude in a Rocking Chair, is a painting that has to be looked at for a long period of time in order for the meaning to unravel. The blog topic will revolve around attempting to create some meaningful interpretation of the detailed piece of art.



T.S.Eliot, literary modernism and the quest for meaning.

 Initially seeing this painting, i could see somewhat of a ram face; horns, eyes and a body. Then I noticed some legs and saw that the ram eyes because human breasts and the mouth of the ram became the female’s vagina. It is not a painting that delivers the meaning upon the first look, but after doing some research I believe it shares some of Picasso’s views. The mouth representing the vagina shows that Picasso is putting the female body part in the same aggressive category as the mouth of a ram; I like to think that Picasso’s view shared through this some-what distorted image is a piece portraying appearances. Maybe he was suggesting the aggressiveness of human character? 

“The idea of abstraction as a process tends to involve a kind of essentialism… [it] tended to entail the belief that a purer, or higher, or deeper, or more universal form of reality is revealed through the paring away of the incidental or ‘inessential’ aspects of things… The pursuit of abstract art was thus associated by many of its early practitioners and advocates as a kind of ‘seeing through’; with the idea that the artist is one who penetrates the veil of material existence in order to reveal an essential and underlying spiritual reality” (Harrison 198).


The quote above is what I believe encapsulates the intent behind the conveyed message. That is, the artist, Picasso, has an idea and communicates this message in a way that involves the receiver to think about what is seen upfront, and what is communicated beneath the surface through the detail. I only covered one tiny section out of so many elements of this piece. Picasso is a creatively overwhelming artist with an eye to detail and a mind that allows others to think. 






One thought on “W7 Picasso

  1. Hi Annabelle,

    It was interesting to read your blog this week because I also chose this topic to write about. In saying that I didn’t create my own topic but I focused on this painting in particular. Anyway, I enjoyed how you gave a nice description of the piece of art and what you thought it showed. It showed that you truly delved into Picasso’s work and what it meant for you. I also liked how you included a secondary source to back up your argument, however, who is Harrison? I know it’s only a blog but it might give some weight to what he is saying if we have a bit of an idea of who he is.
    A few other things I picked up to help you improve:
    1. Give ‘i’ a capital.
    2. In your 2nd paragraph I think you had so many ideas that the syntax of the sentence was a bit out of order= “Then I noticed some legs and saw that the ram eyes because human breasts and the mouth of the ram became the female’s vagina.” That’s easy to fix anyway so it’s not a terrible thing.
    3. “involves the receiver” -Maybe allows the receiver/audience instead?

    Overall I enjoyed your take on this piece of art and I believe that you have an eye for detail, especially when analysing Picasso. 🙂


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