W7 Peer Review

Hey Eleanor,

Firstly, great blog! I loved how you opened with a definition of ‘manifesto’, this not only shows your knowledge of the concept but also allows readers outside of our lecture class to understand the theme of your post. Your in-depth writing shows that you have not only analysed two of the short videos, but have gained a general understanding of what each video represents. I particularly admired your line, “Manifesto highlights that many issues of the early 20th Century have carried through today. These issues include war, poverty, wealth, the educated and uneducated, the rise of technology and industrialisation and our dehumanisation.” You show a highly educated understanding that there are still many issues in today’s day and age that need addressing that have either been overlooked or generally unsolved. Your insight has inspired me to know more and it’s people with a mindset like yours that seek to achieve a better world.

Thank you for this blog!




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