Missing Limb

Inspired by a fellow blogger’s and friend’s post about a poem of war and the heart ache that follows has led me to attempt writing my own poem this week.

A man of great courage, that husband of mine

Enlisted in his twenties, straight to the frontline

Fighting for his country, its people to be free

A wife and two children, his family now three

Our days are chaotic; there is now one less hand

As he’s protecting his people, his sovereign land

The whole world protected, yet his family is not

Every life affected by the new job that he got

I remember a time where he’d come home after work

Never did I have to fear that a different day would lurk

Waiting, waiting, to see him approach in the pack

But we did not reunite the day they all came back

No amount of love could ever replace

The man so consumed by love and grace

Our girls and I, forever without a limb

Will live on with a heart-hole meant only for him



2 thoughts on “Missing Limb

  1. Greetings Annabelle! I must commend you highly for the powerful piece of poetry you’ve composed. I can’t emphasise enough how great your work is. As a big fan of war poetry, this one had such strong emotions embedded within, it gave me goosebumps while reading it. The rhyme scheme gives the poem the right flow and pace of the anonymous wife’s heartache and suffering. It is clear that you’ve managed to truly capture the realism and aftermath of the war, that both Owen and Sassoon would give their seal of approval. Keep up the magnificent work and I look forward to any other works you may be planning to release in the future.


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