W9 Peer Review

Hey, Victoria!

Excellent piece! I love your comparison of wisdom and knowledge and your question as to whether they connect, are the same, or are entirely different. I agree with your conclusion that knowledge can be basic and thus everyone can have it and wisdom goes a step further by being the application of this knowledge. It reminded of the common saying, “knowledge is knowing that tomato is a fruit, wisdom is knowing not to add it to your fruit salad”, this is the theme I engaged with when reading your blog, that is, wisdom is the next step forward from knowledge.

I think your added statement from the lecture about wars and the current election in America was an eye-opening touch. Upon reading it, I considered the deep meaning that it actually contains, “if we really had so much knowledge then there would be no need for the current election in America” – very nice add on! If every individual were wise and worked their wisdom collectively, we would have piece. This comment showed your level of writing by using other sources and clearly communicated what you have learnt and what you want to pass on. I believe that if more people were to have a mind like yours, there would be more wisdom and less chaos within the world.

Overall, I agree with your insights and thoroughly enjoyed reading a comparative blog 🙂 




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