W10 Language Barrier

Start a poem with the lines “English is my mother tongue” and explore the meaning of this line in relation to your own experience of language in your life.


English is my mother tongue despite my mixed culture

To have not learnt is to have not lived, opportunity taken but a vulture

Lebanese, Brazilian, Scottish and French, yet no words to say

With broken language comes broken lives that haunts me to this day

Beyond the words are adventures to be lived that I would love to see

New food, new dance, new people, new home, none is offered to me

The language goes far beyond just words, but is key to unlock desire

This lack of key or access or knowledge consumes me like a fire

I see the face of those who are like me

Same culture, same country, same looks, yet no similarity

How I long to know my back ground, my history, my family and my home

Distance from this inner cry is to truly be aloneblog language .jpg



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