Blog Two. Emma.

CREATIVE: Write a paragraph imagining yourself as Emma, discovering that your plans for a “friend” of yours have completely back-fired and that you now realize that you really knew nothing about your friends true needs.

My rambling thoughts trying to be within the mind of Emma during her discovery…

Ive heard that it takes such maturity to see someone have everything you want and be happy for them… but in my case, I didn’t even know I wanted it until someone else had it. I have always been so used to plotting against others, imagining their future before them and believing it was already set. Now, I feel so pushed out of balance and set apart from the norm. Is this situation out of my hands? Do I really not have any control? What is this new sense of frustration? It is a weird feeling to be on a journey of knowing someone, and to realise within that journey that you don’t actually know them. my concept of ‘friend’ has changed… Is she a bad friend for going against my thought? Or am I the bad friend for placing her in predestination?
… It takes such maturity to see someone have everything they want despite it being what you thought they wanted.
I have chosen this photo as I believe it represents a fragmentation of the millions of thoughts through Emma’s mind. The top photo reminds me of Emma as the darker hand; consuming and overwhelmingly covering and controlling the action’s of another’s life. The bottom photo represents how I believe Emma felt after her discovery; she is still the darker hand, but now consumed within all the emotions that have always been a part of her, but are now only coming to life.

2 thoughts on “Blog Two. Emma.

  1. Hi Belle,
    A great attempt at entering into the mind of Emma. I would have liked an expanded view of the `it’ that Emma was seeking. The inner challenges you present of Emma redefining the word `friend’ is very well presented. I can almost see her face while she considers these new thoughts. A friendly observation- don’t forget to use capital letters at the beginning of sentences. 🙂


  2. Excellent entry: loved the visual to depict Emma’s growth and the series of questions that show her opening mind. Good work Anabelle.
    For the most very well written and edited! Just one typo spotted:
    *Ive heard = I’ve heard


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