Peer Review Two.

Hey, Brendon!

I thoroughly enjoyed the way you opened up your blog to the reader with a personal touch. Words such as, “I groaned in despair” and “it was with great duress that I sat down and started to read Emma” engaged me quickly as I had similar feelings toward reading this novel. Because of the way you grasped my attention so early, you were able to sustain the attention throughout the entirety of your blog. This is not the first blog of yours that I have read and it certainly wont be the last – but it is definitely safe to say that you hold me in the palm of your hands with such captivation in the thoughts you put to words.

I also admire how you continued this thought of not enjoying the novel by critiquing Austen’s lengthy sentences. This made the turn over all the more interesting when you came to understand the reason behind why we were reading this book. In my opinion, you have successfully grasped the concept of Austen’s novel, not just because of the way you expressed your thoughts on her ego – but because you had an initial opinion on what the book would be like and still allowed Austen to transform your entire perception toward the book. That shows a thorough understanding as well as effective writing on both yours, and Austen’s part.

Another part I will pinpoint are the photos you chose. It was a refreshing touch to not see a photo of Jane Austen or the character of Emma herself, but to see a photo depicting a key issue within the novel.

Looking forward to hearing more of your insights!
See you in class 🙂


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