Blog Seven. Dear Nancy.

Write a letter to any one of the following four characters telling them what you think of their choices in chapter 19 of the novel: Godfrey, Silas, Nancy and Eppie


Dear Nancy,

I understand you have been placed in a tough position. This husband of yours has pursued you and has high affection toward you. But it is to my understanding that you have not only gained a husband, but also a daughter. But my question to you is whether or not you have a right to claim Eppie the way you are doing so.

I’ll start by saying I am all for mixed families. I do not believe that the term “parent” is purely based upon genetics. My mother, for example, is my mother by my choice and not biology’s. But it is important to note that it was in fact my choice.

From being in a similar situation to Eppie myself, I just want to express to you some of the concerns she may be feeling that may not have crossed your mind.

Firstly, she has a life altering choice in her hands. Her definition of the term ‘father’ has now been stretched across two people. From what I have observed, you are interested in Eppie joining your family, and therefore claiming Godfrey as her rightful father. The choice she has before her has many options… all with a different life that follow.

May I please suggest something? It is important to have Eppie’s best interest at heart here and not your own.

Yes, if Eppie lived with you she would be an only child, she would receive a lot of affection, she would be spoilt, loved, nurtured, taken care of. But would she be satisfied with her choice?

In my opinion, Marner is her rightful father. However I do understand the situation you are faced with as I have visited this scenario recently in my life and for many years of my life.

And lastly, I do favour your choice to support your husband in his wishes to raise Eppie. However, I believe true support is not created through keeping your husband happy, but through challenging his thought process from his desire’s to Eppie’s, whilst maintaining rapport and mutual respect.

If there is anything you take from this letter, please let it be Eppie’s best interest at heart. In order to provide all the things you are promising her, it starts with allowing and accepting her freedom of choice. Below is a quote that I hope will help you see what fragility is on the line.

silas marner


Best Wishes,





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