Peer Review Six.

Hey Sibel,

This is the first time I have peer reviewed your page and I must say, I was not disappointed with what you put in front of me to read. I particularly liked the structure of this letter and how you first acknowledged him as a person, and then his actions. You appreciated the way he carried himself first and then the way he encouraged Eppie to make her own choice. You beautifully put to words how the best way to take care and nurture the one’s you love first begins with taking care of yourself.

I think when you write a letter to someone, it is always smart to honour the person you are writing to. You did this perfectly with the words, “you let her make her own choice even though you wanted her to choose you”. The acknowledgement of his self-desire of Eppie choosing him was clearly overruled by his desire of Eppie’s best interest. You then took this a step further by highlighting the wrongdoing of Godfrey to promote the goodness of Silas’ action.

If I could give you only one piece of advice for your next letter, it would be to end it with, “Yours Sincerely” and then your name. The words in a letter hold so much more credibility when the reader can match it with a face.

Overall, you clearly have a thorough understanding of the text. Well done!


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