Blog Nine. Names.

In a short letter tell a friend why you really like someone’s name and how that has helped you decide who will be your long-term partner.

This week I have decided to focus on the importance of names and how they can shape one’s entire future. A bit of back ground knowledge about a true story before I begin the letter: My aunty and uncle have been married for over ten years now. Not too long ago, my aunty discovered that her husband was almost named ‘Toufik” at birth. Laughably, she exclaimed that she never would have pursued him if this were his name. She much preferred his name ‘John’ .

My letter this week will address Toufik.

Dear Toufik,

It has been a long time coming that I write you this letter. You may remember me from your younger life as the girl you had interest in that never showed a positive response. For you, that was ten years ago and you’re probably married now with a happy home and family. For me, on the other hand, it was much longer. The years have dragged as you are on my mind with each day that passes. If I could go back, I would not let something so little as a name affect something so big as my life. I hope you are happy. I hope you found the life that you searched for with us.

Always, every day, every year,


This letter should show my perspective on the topic of ‘names’. Whilst at face value some names can take us by surprise as they are out of the ordinary, I find that there is so much more to a person than the noise we make to grasp their attention. In this scenario, a whole life was set on a different path simply because of a name. In my opinion, names hold power but we can make them powerless by looking within a person.



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