Peer Review Eight.

Hey Ellen,

Your blog this week was moving to read. As someone who has lost a pet themselves, I can understand the indescribable feeling associated with the event. You articulated my feelings, and im sure your own, perfectly in questioning how something you have been reliant on for so long is suddenly gone. The comparison between your fifth birthday present, to your boyfriend helping in the search for him shows how much of your life you had this puppy. That isn’t an easy experience to journey through. Thank you for sharing.

I particularly enjoyed the structure to your writing. It started off with me reading every word quickly, feeling the same excitement as your five-year-old self, anticipating the present. Then taking part in your excitement to discover it was a puppy – more than anything you thought of that day in school. And obviously, the sadness that followed with reading the ending. That wasn’t how I anticipated your story to turn out. Your added photo also contributed to your emotive language.

If I could give you one piece of advice, it would be to consider this sentence, “How could something that has been with me for the nearly my whole life, suddenly be gone?” The word “the” is better left out.

Overall, my favourite blog post this semester!


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