Week Five.

I much preferred this week than the past few. Year 3 was somewhat of a struggle in terms of being thrown in the deep end. This week I was placed in the MULTILIT program. I was given two students to work with and spent the time going through Sight Words, reading books and testing their accuracy and speed skills. The lesson started of by going through their sight words. This is where I would hold up one card at a time that each had a word printed on it. By this stage, the students were expected to say the word the moment they see them, instead of sounding them out; hence the term sight words. The students were very good at this and seemed to enjoy the process of saying the word as fast as they could. The next activity was their book ready. They chose a book from their personal library and simply read it to me. My responsibility with this activity was to ensure they were reading the words and using the grammar/punctuation correctly, but also to ensure they understood what they were reading. To ensure this, I would ask throughout the book questions such as, “wow! What do you think of that turn of events?”, “who is your favourite character?”. I would also ask the student to point out the introduction, climax and resolution of the story. And finally, the last activity was testing of accuracy and speed. This is where they would go through a list of words and read them aloud. I would first examine how accurately they pronounced the word and then how quickly the student can say the words after one another. The lesson ended with a reward system of a sticker, which was fun for them and allowed them to feel a sense of accomplishment.



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