Week Four.

Mathematics has always and will always be such a low point for me. I have only passed very few maths exams in my life. This week, I was teaching maths! Despite it only being year 3 level where the content was all addition and subtraction, the method in which they did so was rather difficult to wrap my head around. I am not quite sure how to put it to words, but it was basically subtracting a small number from a big number by finding the nearest 10 based number and adding that number to the 1 based numbers. I was beyond confused and had to check my own work before checking the students. Later that day I was rethinking the math problem in my mind and found that it was a lot easier the second time round. This may as well have been a result of repetition but I also believe it was the result of not being under pressure from their teacher observing me as well as the student’s counting on me to teach them.


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