Week Seven.

This week I was thankful to be in kindergarten again. The morning was a day dedicated to art! There was a range of activities I worked with; Mother’s Day cards, Anzac Day colouring in sheets and making their own story books. My favourite part about the story-books was that all the students had one topic. The topic was “My dad is, my dad like to, my dad has”. Despite the same topic, it was lovely to see all the different creations the kids came up with. The students described so many different occupations, interests and funny things thing about their dad.

Then we did maths. The activity I witness was structured around ‘counting by twos’. The teacher had the students sit in a horse-shoe, where she sat in the gap and she brought out the blocks. This straight away had the students engaged in the lesson that was set out before them. As the students were already quite frequent in counting by ones, counting by twos was the next step. She lay the blocks out in groups of twos and started counting, “2, 4, 6, 8, 10!”. She taught the method of ‘checking’ to the students. This involved then recounting the blocks by one to see if they reached the same numerical result.



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