Week Six.

This week I was with kindergarten. This age group is very different from year three! It really showed me how much development happens within those two years. The activities I was submerged in varied from reading to maths, English, art, scripture, science and free-play. One thing I noticed that left an impact on me was the w ay a group of students responded to free-play. I saw a group of boys on the iPads, others playing with play dough, dress-ups and Lego. The group that stood out to me was a group of girls who had sat at their desks and started to colour in. One of these girls pretended to be their teacher and would walk around the tables in the same upward stance that their teacher did. She would make comments such as, “good work!” and “you have five minutes left” It surprised how these students considered this as their enjoyment and play time but also how much they looked up to their teacher. It can be so common to think that students only learn skills and content from their teacher, but these little kindergarten girls showed me how they are shaped as human beings by those that surround them. Just the way their teacher gave positive reinforcement is what they consider to be worth repeating.



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