Week Three.

This week I was given the same year 3 class. Initially, it was easier as the students remembered my face and were happy to see me again. This time around I was once again going through the student’s stories and critiquing their work. My biggest challenge this time was that even though there were many grammatical mistakes within their work, they did not like to be corrected. I tried many different techniques to allow them to see the error, techniques like, and “lets have a look at this sentence again Now, I am going to read the same sentence out twice. The first time I will read it without a comma after this word and the second time I will read it with a comma after this word.” This was one of the few techniques I tried to allow the students to see the error without it being spoon-fed to them. It was a success in the sense that they saw the error, but they preferred it being wrong and thus refused to change it. Whilst this was quite comical to me, I did not know how to tell them they were wrong without being too harsh. But at least I have something to work on in the next few weeks to improve one area of my teaching application.

This week I also got to witness their teacher use negative reinforcement, “Charles, If you cant concentrate on this lesson there will be no Lego time after”. It definitely made Charles listen more intently.




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