Week Two.

This week I was designated to a Year 3 Class. As soon as I was immersed in the class I was already faced with a challenge. The students were set a topic of looking at a blank picture book (only pictures no words) and they were instructed to create their own story by first writing it down onto a piece of paper and then transferring it onto their iPad. The students also had to record their voices reading their stories to create an audio book.

I was given a student to work with by their regular teacher. The challenge I found here was that I was told to critique their work, that is, fix up any spelling mistakes, punctuation errors etc. however, I was faced with a new app on the ipad that I had never seen, I was told to look for specific sentence structures that I have not done myself since I was a year 3 student, and I was expected to work confidently with what was laid out in front of me with no prior demonstration. This was rather shocking as I didn’t expect to be a position to teach when I didn’t even know the material I was teaching.

This experience has taught me the value of lesson planning: to know what you want to teach so you don’t count the seconds dragging by when you’re stuck with no material to share.

One pleasant experience I encountered during this time was that the students didn’t want me to leave. I must have made some positive impact.


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