Blog Eight. Snow Storm.

You are stuck in a snow storm (or a sand storm), or you are lost in the bush. Describe your last moments. How will you react?

This week I have decided to mentally take myself down the path of what it would be like to be trapped in a snow storm. I will try to encapsulate the journey and the last thoughts of this unfortunate event.

I’ll just go for a walk. I said to myself, as I left the cabin, the fire, the food, and the company. Nothing excited me more than seeing what this world had to offer. Whether it is a city, a beach, an abandoned building or where I was then, in the snow. I’ll be back by the time dinner has begun! That’s just enough time to see what’s on the other side of this snow-filled hill. Maybe a city itself? Or a frozen lake? Perhaps more campers? The unknown was thrilling. Was I about to see something my mind could never fathom?

I began hiking up the slippery yet stiff ice. It struck me how the snow on the hill was much harder than the snow back at the cabin. Maybe it will be a frozen lake, I thought. As the snow began to fall I didn’t want to pinch myself just incase all this was but a dream.

Alas, the top of the hill I am. Well aware that I only have a few moments with this scenery before I need to head back for dinner. I use these precious moments to sit and enjoy the view of the many snowy hills that sit in my sight. The mountains remind me of the hills back home – although they are filled with trees, birds, flowers, and wildlife. These mountains are filled with snow, a waterfall here and there, stretching as far as I could see in the distance. Why, I have never seen anything so untouched by man.

I turn my back to the sight and begin to head down for dinner. What struck me next was more shocking as the view up here. The down hill slope I was yet to encounter was gone. Flat ground lay before me with snow cascading from above. My cabin, my family… gone! But… how? I was here for only a moment. Surely not enough time for a snow storm to arrive without any notice?

The heartache I felt trying to fathom my family’s last moments was colder than any piece of earth that had now surrounded me. The storm has already taken everything from me, what harm could it possibly do to take me, too? You were so forceful, so consuming, so eye-catching and breathtaking. If only I knew the power of these words when I gazed upon your beauty.

I let it take my body, for it had already taken my soul.