Peer Review 8

Hey, Sarah!
That was so mind-blowing to read. You have conveyed the same message through the use of different words which reveals your deep understanding of the poem. You have such a creative touch when it comes to conveying meaning through words. I particularly loved the line, “Now it must fill our greed, our house, our materialistic lives”. The way you compared this to money feeding our stomachs communicated, what I believe, to be the same intent of the original author.
The heart of the author was completed captured in your line, “when was the last time you worked for a passion, not a salary?”. This is the whole theme of the poem and you have done an excellent job in recreating the idea yet being original. I loved Les Murray’s poem to the point where it didn’t feel like an assignment, rather a hobby, and your poem made me feel the same way.
Keep up the great work 🙂




Peer Review Seven

Hi Suzanne!

Very much enjoyed your insight to The Orange Tree, written by John Shaw Neilson this week. You write in such a way that is easy to understand, and I loved your insight to the contrasting attitudes an adult has compared to that of a child. Very well done on how you took this analyzing a step further and continued to portray how a child’s perception can be so simple, creative and fun, when looking at the very same thing as an adult, whose perception if often tainted by their mindset toward life itself. I enjoyed your own added criticism at the end of your blog, where you understood the poem but didn’t necessarily agree. I believe this is courageous as everything you criticize must be evident through your argument, which I believe you have done.

Peer Reviews 6

I always enjoy reading your blogs. I enjoy your creative side and how you think outside of the box. And I admire how you can read an opaque poem, understand it thoroughly and then create a similar poem, with a different writing style. I think you have mastered the art of looking at apiece of writing and interpreting it into your own ideas without falling into the trap of plagiarism – which I think can be very easily done when writing a poem about a poem. In stanza one, you have an understandable rhyming scheme of AABB, which worked along with your content. From the first stanza alone, I already receive the same feelings as I di reading the entire poem of End of the Picnic. So well done! This is a well-constructed poem with effective results. A photo along with your blog would be another thing to add but other than that your blog, as always, was very enjoyable to read.

Peer review 5

I think it is very wise to picture yourself as a woman in the year of 1918 as you read this poem, I agree that this would help you get into the mindset of what this ear was like and would truly help to understand the language and the meaning of the author’s intent. You have done a wonderful job in analysing quotes by pulling out their meaning, and even further than that you have made it enjoyable to read as your insights are clearly understood. I have re-read your blog a few times to find something to mention in terms of improvement but I personally feel as if you have done a wonderful job with no need to add more. A very well constructed read, well done!


Rachel May

Peer Review four

This is such a good idea! One thing I struggled to do was to get motivated after reading the question, because I knew straight away that I’d be writing for at least half an hour to try and answer all of the question. But you have done exactly what I struggled with so easily. So well done! I think your two poems were very easy to read, especially with your ABAB rhyming sequence, and I wanted to read more as you captured the author’s intent so quickly. Possibly, after writing the two poems, a short paragraph just quickly explaining the author’s intent of both poems might be helpful, just to really make clear your understanding of their different perceptions. I also cannot see a URL for your photo. But overall, I love your idea and the way you came up with two poems so easily. Well done!

Peer Review: three

I found Victoria’s blog based on her visit to the art gallery very enjoyable and easy to read. Her use of comparing two different artworks and commenting on the meaning of both really helped me to understand the intent from which she was writing, that is, I got two perspectives from her which made her point clear and evident. Her use of comparison was very appreciated as it provided me with insight and helped me to understand where she, as the author, was coming from.

The only thing I would comment on for improvement would be to go into more depth with how these paintings relate to the concept of European Settlement. I was thoroughly enjoying what she wrote about what she had noticed. She commented on aspects of the painting that wouldn’t even strike my eye – yet she was able to write a detailed overview of her interpretation of its meaning. However, writing this more in detail would be appreciated, as I didn’t want to stop reading her insight.

Overall, a very enjoyed post and I am looking forward to the insight and wisdom in upcoming blogs.

Peer Review Two

I love the way in which Annaliese has discovered that a poem is interpreted by it’s readers, that is, many meanings and theme can arise from one single quote, but numerous amounts of reasons flow from the same quote and this decision is influenced by who the person is, their past experience and their current mindset. Annaliese’s insights toward the way the Aboriginal Inhabitants consider dreaming as their everything is inspiring – however, elaborating on this to a deeper level would truly express, i believe anyway, their spiritual connection with the land.

Overall, her insights and her mind is appreciated and enjoyable to discover.