W6 Close to Home

Write a BLOG TOPIC that records the work in the gallery that left the deepest impression on you. Can you describe the work in detail and say why it left that impression on you?

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Last Week’s trip to the Art Gallery left me with more of an appreciation to art. I especially admired the attention to detail that artist’s posses. I am always on the receiving end of a piece of work. I will look at a piece, and often only notice the big features that jump out, and it isn’t until a deep analysis, or what I like to call, a lengthy stare, that I start to notice the little detail in hidden areas of the artwork, that probably took weeks, maybe even months to compose, knowing that it will often be overlooked. The piece that changed my perception from having a quick glimpse at a piece to appreciating every speck is by Catherine O’Donnell, titled, “Close to Home”. The detail, effort, start-overs, re-evaluations and long days spent on the piece is what changed my lens in viewing art from being on the receiving end to being on the giving end.

home 2.jpg

Initially, when I first saw this piece from across the room, I thought it was a staff room, or an entry to another area of the gallery. And it wasn’t until I did a double look where I realised it was not in fact a door that led to another room, rather, it was a piece of art. It looked so life-like that I was convinced it was, and I suddenly found myself turning directions and walking straight up to it; I was on my out of the gallery to go home by this point. What really shocked me was that I didn’t realise it was a 2D piece until I was literally 10 centimetres away from it. I even reached out my hand as a force of habit to open the door. Viewing this piece even closer just revealed so much more: I had realised that the windows and blinds, that I initially thought were open, were also 2D, the stairs were 2D and the pillar was 2D.

I later watched a video on the Sydney Art Gallery Website that showed me the process in which this piece of art was created. You can watch the video here,


The thing that caught my attention most about this piece of art wasn’t actually the illusion experience I received walking up to it and standing in front of it, but rather reading the title after this experience. Close to home.


Physically feeling close to the home with its 3D illusion.

Feeling inviting with its stairs and windows.

A sense of a calming, peaceful environment with its black and white façade.



Not only does the title fit perfectly physically, but I also wonder what inspired the artist to create this piece. What does “home” mean to her? Was this her childhood home that she is no longer connected to physically? Did the house burn down? Was there even a house? Is it just what she pictures as a perfect home? Or maybe it has nothing to do with a house at all, but what a home can bring internally.

This is why this piece has changed my perspective and lens from a receiver to a giver. Without trying to receive from the art, and instead attempting to see what was given, I end up receiving more.