W10 Peer Review

Hi Natasha,

I liked your take on George Orwell’s theme in his writing, the way you presented it with a relevant topic in today’s day and age is very relatable and shows you have a bright mind to do so. Not only do you have a technique for debating, but you also show your knowledge of what is happening in the world. As I did enjoy reading your work, the only thing I would comment on for improvement is for your blog posts to be a little bit longer. Your writing is enjoyable but it ended so soon. Overall, I believe you have talent and are gifted in putting your thoughts into words. Well done!



W9 Peer Review

Hey, Victoria!

Excellent piece! I love your comparison of wisdom and knowledge and your question as to whether they connect, are the same, or are entirely different. I agree with your conclusion that knowledge can be basic and thus everyone can have it and wisdom goes a step further by being the application of this knowledge. It reminded of the common saying, “knowledge is knowing that tomato is a fruit, wisdom is knowing not to add it to your fruit salad”, this is the theme I engaged with when reading your blog, that is, wisdom is the next step forward from knowledge.

I think your added statement from the lecture about wars and the current election in America was an eye-opening touch. Upon reading it, I considered the deep meaning that it actually contains, “if we really had so much knowledge then there would be no need for the current election in America” – very nice add on! If every individual were wise and worked their wisdom collectively, we would have piece. This comment showed your level of writing by using other sources and clearly communicated what you have learnt and what you want to pass on. I believe that if more people were to have a mind like yours, there would be more wisdom and less chaos within the world.

Overall, I agree with your insights and thoroughly enjoyed reading a comparative blog 🙂 



W8 Peer Review

Brittney, you have such a powerful way with words. Your poem was moving, eye-opening and it encapsulated everything we learn about the war but in such few words that instantly hit home. I liked that your poem had a soft feel; it was read in a soft voice and the theme of it is delicate and fragile. I specifically enjoyed you AA/BB poetic writing style that complimented the delicate theme. You have inspired me to attempt my own poem for this week’s blog topic! Thank you for this piece.




W7 Peer Review

Hey Eleanor,

Firstly, great blog! I loved how you opened with a definition of ‘manifesto’, this not only shows your knowledge of the concept but also allows readers outside of our lecture class to understand the theme of your post. Your in-depth writing shows that you have not only analysed two of the short videos, but have gained a general understanding of what each video represents. I particularly admired your line, “Manifesto highlights that many issues of the early 20th Century have carried through today. These issues include war, poverty, wealth, the educated and uneducated, the rise of technology and industrialisation and our dehumanisation.” You show a highly educated understanding that there are still many issues in today’s day and age that need addressing that have either been overlooked or generally unsolved. Your insight has inspired me to know more and it’s people with a mindset like yours that seek to achieve a better world.

Thank you for this blog!



W6 Peer Review

Hey Suzanne!

I admire your use of comparison between the two paintings. You briefly described the artist’s intention behind the brush strokes that created the piece and did so through the use of showing these two pieces. It is clear that you have an eye for detail as the two paintings are quite different (one being a lighter painting, and the other dark), but you are able to compare similarities despite obvious differences. It is rare to see this so well done!



W5 Peer Review 2

Hey, Brendon!

Firstly, I love your approach to blogging, I love that I read your entries and it feels as if you are speaking to me directly. Secondly, having heard this story in person and now reading it in writing shows the elegant way in which you put your thoughts to words – hearing this story on two separate occasions and in two different forms of communication has left me with the same heart-warming experience. I too have lost a grandfather very close to me but was not there to say goodbye, so it is comforting knowing you were able to say goodbye in a way that only you and him shared.

Looking forward to reading more down-to-earth blog posts 


W4 Peer Review 1


I love that you have an eye for technique. In all of the blogs of yours that I have read, including this one, you have never failed to show your own creativity by analysing the author’s. I am inspired to your eye to detail and your patience to discuss the various word techniques used and their individual meanings. For me, analysing techniques can be a lengthy process; very time-consuming and quite exhausting, but you write as if it were second nature. I love that you then took this blog a step further by question WHY the author took this approach. That shows your intent and purpose behind the words that you write.
It was also effective that you asked yourself and the reader this question AFTER you posted the photo, as it provided a nice mental break from reading to allow comfort as well as emphasis on the question.
Once again, i admire your eye for detail, thanks for the read!

Belle 🙂