Summative Entry

Another semester has gone by in what feels like the blink of an eye and there are so many things that are surreal to me! It is shocking to think that it doesn’t feel that long ago when I was writing my summative entry for my first semester, and here I am at the last stretch of the university year! My experience of Literature has been so much greater than what I expected. To be completely honest with myself, my view of the English language was founded in high-school, but the university level of study is so much more than what I expected – in a good way.

This semester included a series of blogs. In the first few weeks of my first semester I did not enjoy them too much, but this time round I surprised myself with how much I looked forward to blogging every week. Something lightened my spirit about blogging. I think what it was is that I’ve always struggled to put my thoughts into words in a clear and quick manner, but blogging doesn’t have that restriction – it’s a bunch of ramblings and thoughts that I can express about my view on literature and it helps me engage with my inner thoughts and feelings towards a topic.

My most creative entry this semester was a blog called, “Missing Limb”, I worked hard to complete a poem about the deepest of feelings that can be experienced when a loved one is lost at war. Obviously, I have never been to war or had a loved one leave me for war, so my knowledge that went into the poem was a collection of what I had learnt in the course so far. Studying a range of war poets and war novels helped me empathise and feel the emotive push at this time in history. What I loved about this entry was how long it took me. I can usually write a blog in 30 minutes or so… but this poem took a few hours as I kept editing one line at a time to ensure it encapsulated the hurt that people experience at home when their loved ones die at war. The theme of this poem captures the thought that a loved one dying at war leaves the same restriction on your life as losing your own limb. This blog can be found here,

My most critical blog this semester was a blog called, “closer to home”. This one was about my experience at the NSW Art Gallery and it centred on Catherine O’Donnell’s piece titled, “Close to Home”. The critical aspect I enjoyed about this blog was the experience I enjoyed upon seeing the piece of art. I remember believing it was a staff room and then realising when I got closer that it was a 2D piece. My thoughts spiralled into craving the back-story, the intent and the motive of the artist to create this piece. Below is a small extract of my blog that represents my thoughts,

“Not only does the title fit perfectly physically, but I also wonder what inspired the artist to create this piece. What does “home” mean to her? Was this her childhood home that she is no longer connected to physically? Did the house burn down? Was there even a house? Is it just what she pictures as a perfect home? Or maybe it has nothing to do with a house at all, but what a home can bring internally.” This blog can be found here,

 Blogging has been one of the many reasons why I have enjoyed this course. I have always loved finding deeper meanings and hidden meanings to words written and this experience has been my area of discovering all the little gems that make literature what it is.